And a happy Triangular New year to you all! For those of you who don't know Triangular won thanks to your votes! Thanks for that guys! I appreciate it. I'm sorry for being unresponsive, what with the holidays and getting back to school. Here's some neat origami for you! Its a narwhal, the jedi of the sea!
This may not be star wars like, but its so totally Triangular! Become a skittles millionaire!

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WOO HOO! A happy Murky day to everyone!!!  To those who don't know, Murky is a character in the Origami Yoda series By Tom Angleberger. I am a big fan of his and a regular on his website, Recently, to celebrate "Murky Day" He held a contest. We needed to make a word that meant "Awesome." A lot of the entries were great and I had a good laugh until I realized that MY WORD was picked too! I need your help guys! Vote For Triangular on ---> and while you're there, why not check out some of the other stuff on this guy's website? THAT DUDE ROCKS!!!
A team of scientists from Harvard University and MIT have brought to life 
everyone's favorite fictional weapon: the lightsaber. Well, sort of. For the first time ever, scientists have bound together photons -- massless particles of light that don't normally interact with one another -- to create a new type of photon material. Before you get too excited, know that this breakthrough is more likely to advance quantum computing rather than the arguably more important industry of lightsaber development. To read more, check the link here
Here, I post weekly interesting facts about Han, the Falcon, and anything big in the star wars world!

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